PXN V9 PC Racing Wheel

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PXN V9 PC Racing Wheel, 270/900° Game Steering Wheel Dual-Motor Feedback Driving with Pedals and Joystick Steering Wheel for Xbox X/S/ XBOX SERIES X/S PS3/PS4/N-Switch/PC

PXN V9 PC Racing Wheel

  • Size 280mm * 340mm * 285mm
  • Item weight 3.28 kg
  • Connect Type USB Wired
  • Color Black


The PXN V9 steering wheel is compatible with a huge range of devices via the USB connection port. Compatible devices include: PS4 / Xbox One / Xbox Series X&S/ PC / PS3/ Nintendo Switch and Windows 7/8/10 operating systems. (Please download our application PXN Play or V9 Tools to test the function and mapping buttons).


The PXN-V9 game steering wheel can be used with many of your favorite PC games, such as European Truck Simulator, Truck Life, Maxthon China, Shenli Corsa and other games; on Xbox the PXN V9 can be adapted to Horizon 4, Dust 2.0, Forza Motorsport series, Racing Project 2 and other games; PS compatible games include Need for Speed 20, F1 2019, Super Touring Car, Driving Club and more, while Nintendo Switch compatible games include Asphalt, Sonic Racing, Mario Kart and other games.

PXN V9 PC Racing Wheel
PXN V9 PC Racing Wheel
PXN V9 PC Racing Wheel
PXN V9 PC Racing Wheel


The PXN V9 steering wheel is made of high quality, non-slip ABS matte material and includes real dual vibration motors. Seven powerful suction cups and mount clamps ensure the wheel stays firmly in place and guarantee a comfortable and enjoyable gaming experience.


Users of the PXN V9 racing wheel can also configure their wheel to their own precise specification using the "V9 Tools" app available in the Apple App Store to download and install.


The PXN V9 racing wheel has 270/900° rotation that can be adjusted by toggling a button under the steering wheel. This, along with the 6-in-one manual gearshift lever (including forward gears, reverse gear and handbrake) gives players a range of realistic driving options to suit their game. Whatever your game, the PXN V9 will guarantee the most realistic experience.


The PXN V9 can be used in numerous modes, with a three-in-one linear pedal set-up including clutch, brake and accelerator. You can adjust the strength of the pedals to customise control of the throttle and brake pedals, and the steering wheel can be rotated between 270/900° to suit the game or your own preferences. Not only that but the PXN V9 feels great in your hands too, with its rubber coated wheel that’s also equipped with sports car-style paddles for manual gear shifting, imitating the ergonomic design of racing wheels.