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  • Multi-Platform Compatibility: PXN V12 lite Direct Drive Steering Wheel Compatible for Xbox one/Xbox Series X/S/PC/PS4. For better It is convenient for players to use PXN V12 lite racing wheels. Players can search for "PXN Wheel" in the apple app store or google play to download and install. The Buttons Can Be Programmed and Mapped Through The APP, and the Light Color can be Customized in The APP.
  • Direct Drive Technology: 6 Nm of Torque from Direct Drive Power, Ultra-high power density servo motor for exceptionally responsive Force Feedback with high torque capacity. Bring you the real driving experience. Steering wheel detachable structure design, activate the racing genes to release the passion of the track. Imitate Formula's paddles, finger slide to complete the gearshift action, enhance the fun of control.
  • High Quality: The wheel rims is made of microfiber leather, Base housing and quick release fittings are 6 series aircraft aluminum alloy. Left and right upper paddles use magnetic structure switch, left and right lower paddles use photoelectric induction switch. The pedal is made of carbon steel, sturdy and durable.
  • Dual temperature control: The base has a built-in temperature control sensor, which monitors the operating temperature of the motor and chip in real time and continuously controls the temperature. The base has a built-in low-noise fan to achieve physical cooling to ensure lasting operation of the game
  • Quick Release Wheel Attachment System: Customized quick release from real racing, which can be disassembled and assembled in one second.
  • Pedal with Hall Magnetic Induction:Developed with hall magnetic induction technology to achieve high precision and good linearity,The high precision and linearity of the pedal can gives you a more sensitive and accurate braking experience. Pedals made of all-metal material, strong and sturdy. Multi-hole position footboard, support pedal module left and right adjustment, and support pedal panel angle and height adjustment. you can personal prefernce to adapt to different games experience.
  • Desk Bracket for Gaming Wheel: Adopting 5 series aluminum alloy process, the solid experience is upgraded, with two fixed brackets, stable and not shaking. Multi-hole design, support different brackets