ONIKUMA X25 RGB Gaming Headset

Sale price18.000 JD

Experience immersive gaming with the ONIKUMA X25 RGB Gaming Headset. The dynamic RGB lighting creates a captivating atmosphere, while the 360 multi-directional microphone eliminates noise for clear communication. With 3D stereo sound and intelligent noise reduction, this headset provides a quiet and immersive world of music and gaming.


1. E-sports cute gaming headset: Wearing more cool when gaming atmosphere light effect creates an immersive gaming experience.
2. Dynamic RGB lighting headphone: Breathing gradient lighting effect, passionate.
3. 360 omnidirectional Noise-cancelling microphone: Retractable hose microphone 360° free rotation.
4. 3D stereo sound: 50mm unit with tuning, easily identify treble, mid range and bass Independent sound control design, easy to operate.
5. Intelligent deep noise reduction: Effectively reduces ambient, background noise, HD pickup microphone, giving you a quiet, immersive world of music and gaming.

Product specifications:

1. Speaker: 50mm
2. Sensitivity: 115+/-3dB
3. Frequency range: 20Hz-20KHz
4. Impedance: 16ohm+/-15%
5. Microphone parameters: sensitivity -38+/-3dB
6. Impedance: <=2.2kΩ
7. Wire interface: USB power, DC3.5 audio
8. Cable length: Approx. 2.0m / 6.5ft
9. Package weight: 512g / 1.13Lb