ONIKUMA X22 USB + 3.5mm Cool RGB

Sale price18.000 JD

Product features:

1. Cool RGB light effects to add to the gaming atmosphere.
2. 50mm dynamic unit, bringing stunning stereo sound effect
3. 360 degree omnidirectional microphone, active noise reduction, clear voice
4. Convenient wire control operation, which can control RGB lights, microphone switches, and volume adjustment.
5. Adaptive suspended headband and breathable earmuffs for comfortable wearing

Product specifications:

1. Speaker: 50mm
2. Sensitivity: 105+/-3dB
3. Frequency range: 20Hz-20KHz
4. Impedance: 32ohm+/-15%
5. Microphone parameters: sensitivity -38+/-3dB
6. Impedance: <=2.2kΩ
7. Wire interface: USB power, DC3.5 audio
8. Cable length: about 1.8m
9. Weight: 364g