Mouse & Keyboard Converter TNS-19077

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Dobe TNS-19077 NS-Switch Keyboard and Mouse Adapter for Nintendo-Switch/ PS4 / PS3 / Xbox ONE / 360 Host Series Converter(Original Handle Guide Connection)

Product Function

Switch Mouse Mouse Converter is a keyboard and mouse signal to handle the game to operate the game, providing players with better game manipulation, and enhancing the fun of the game.

Extensive Support

Suitable for N-Switch / Switch Lite, PS4, Xbox One, PS3, Xbox360, and other platforms. Support custom mapping and reset button features to meet players who are accustomed to using keyboards and mice.

PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox ON

The host of the device connected to the mouse and keyboard converter, using the original game handle and the mouse and mouse converter, use the original game handle as boot, you can put any button on the keyboard and mouse Setting any button function on the handle for game operation.

Mouse & Keyboard Converter TNS-19077
Mouse & Keyboard Converter TNS-19077

Plug and Play

Product feature is compatible, support most keyboard, mouse, third-party cable games. There is no additional download software. There is a keyboard mark on the converter, the corresponding connection, the converter needs to simultaneously connect the game machine and the controller to work.

  • Mouse-mouse converters let you experience the perspective of online game mouse and keyboard control, no delay, easy to use, connect fast and flexible wired game machine adapters. The appearance of the product is novel, beautiful, and the size is convenient to place, and the product support program is upgraded.