Glorious Model I Wired Ergonomic Gaming Mouse

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Color: Black

Our most feature-rich lightweight mouse yet. Customizable magnetic thumb buttons put you in control. Looking at the highly-comfortable ergonomic shape, it's hard to believe the Model I is only 69 g.

Creat Your Winning Combination

Quickly adapt the Model I to your playstyle with its modular side buttons. Two of the four thumb buttons are easily-swappable for a perfect fit in your hand. Or you can use the flat shape option to completely remove their usability. Up to nine unique combinations are available for you to try out.

Ultara Light Agility & Endurance

The Model I becomes an extension of your arm for effortless control in all kinds of games. Its ergonomic body allows for a comfortable and confident grip that combats hand fatigue.

Powerful Owerful Function At Your Fingertips

Freely remap all the available buttons to your needs. Assign useful shortcuts, like instantly adjusting DPI by holding down a button, for custom control in games.
Create and save up to three mouse profiles via Glorious CORE. Quickly switch between them to spend more time playing, less time tinkering.

3-ZONE RGB 16.8 Million Custom Colors

Personalize the look of your Model I through Glorious CORE to perfectly match your setup.

Frictionless Feet For Smooth Movement

Slick G-Skates mouse feet allow the Model I to excel at both precise micro-adjustments and wide-arching swipes.

Looks As Good As Plays

The Model I comes in black and white with a matte surface to prevent fingerprints and perfectly coordinate with your setup.

Glorious Model I Wired Ergonomic Gaming Mouse
Glorious Model I Wired Ergonomic Gaming Mouse