Fantech R1 Racing Wheel

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Fantech R1 Racing Wheel


Feel every moment of the race with accurate vibration which immerses you in your favorite racing games.

270°/900° ROTATION

No matter your skill-level or game, the built-in adjustable rotation can easily allow you to play your favorite racing games without hassle.


Perfect for racing fans and gamers, as R1’s design features elements from both real world racing wheels and game controllers. No need to learn a new layout, and stay connected to your favorite games with ease.


Fantech R1 Racing Wheel includes pedals as well as an H-Shifter, allowing for compatibility with most racing titles while giving a truly immersive experience similar to driving a real car.


Fantech R1 features compatibility with popular consoles such as Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X, PS4, as well as PC. Gone are the days of needing a different steering wheel just to play games on another console.

Fantech R1 Racing Wheel
Fantech R1 Racing Wheel