Fantech AGILE MP903 Gaming Mouse Pad

Sale price10.000 JD

antech AGILE MP903 Space Edition Gaming Mouse Pad

  • Water-Resistant SPEEDSILK Surface
  • Scientifically Engineered for Maximum Performance
  • Non-Friction Impacting Water-Resistant Coating
  • Anti-Fray Edge Stitching
  • XL Deskmat Type
  • Size: 900*400*3mm


Perfectly capable of handling the smallest or quickest movements, without losing control. Tested to support even the highest end of sensors, to give you the most competitive edge in your games.


AGILE MP903 Space Edition has been designed with a professional-grade water resistant material, capable of handling most spills end even humidity. Focus on your games, without worrying about your mousepad.

Ultra Soft & Durable Stitched Edge

AGILE MP903 Space Edition’s ultra-soft fine stitched edge ensures superior comfort for long gameplay sessions, while preventing surface peeling. Take on your games without annoyances

Anti-slip Base

AGILE MP903 Space Edition’s anti-slip base is made of premium rubber, to prevent slipping on most desk surfaces. Say goodbye to annoying interruptions to your gameplay!

Fantech AGILE MP903 Space Edition Gaming Mouse Pad
Fantech AGILE MP903 Space Edition Gaming Mouse Pad