D-007 Video Game Consoles 3.5 Inches Handheld Game Players 128G 10000

Sale price55.000 JD

Color: Green

Gaming Retro Devices Portable Electronic Console ,D-007 Video Game Consoles 3.5 Inches Handheld Game Players 128G 10000

+The double 3D joystick design of the character direction key allows you to choose the corresponding joystick according to different games.
2. LIGHT luminous halo
3. TF storage card expansion (with 1G of built-in memory)
4. Built in 16G memory card, can download game TF memory card extension, 128G.
5. RK3326 quad core 1.5GHZ, in both Chinese and English languages.
High performance quad core 64Bit A35 CPUMali-G31 GPU PFS60HZ runs smoothly without stuttering for large 2D/3D games.
6. Nine mainstream simulators
7. HD high-definition large screen, 3.5-inch IPS high-definition fully fitted color screen, delicate and soft graphics can better protect the eyes.
640 * 480 high resolution, comparable to the delicacy of a mobile phone screen, with clear image quality, wide viewing angle, and anti graying.
8. Built in 3500MAH ion battery for 1 hour of charging and 4 hours of play.
Full battery life of 8 hours, fully charged time of 4 hours, and standby time of 10 days.
9. Connect the controller to the large screen synchronization output of the multiplayer game, making the game more exciting.
10.3.5mm headphone jack
3D stereo surround the ears at night without affecting others' rest.
11. D007 built-in game 10000+, single player without controller