VR charging stand TY-2806

Sale price25.000 JD

VR charging stand TY-2806 Suitable for VR headset and VR handle battery charging stand


  • Equipped with 5# battery 2000MAH*2PCS
  • his product is a VR headset and VR handle battery charging base designed for Oculus VR glasses.
  • Support VR headset contact charging and charging of two 1.2V NiMH batteries.
  • The intelligent microcomputer control system reasonably distributes the charging current of VR headset and NiMH battery.
  • The surface of the product and the handle bases on both sides are fully transparent and high-gloss design, so that the orange and blue two-color lights built into the product can illuminate the product surface with an ambient lighting effect while charging.


VR charging stand TY-2806
VR charging stand TY-2806