USB Wired Gamepad For Android/Set-Top Box/Joystick PC Game

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USB Wired Gamepad For Android/Set-Top Box/Joystick PC Game Controller For Sony PS3 Accessories Game Console Universal Interface, with Supplort for PS3 Console

Support for PS3 console

Plug the controller to the device usb interface ,few seconds later platform model light turn on ,after auto recognition controller can operate menus and games.

Vibration Function

We have designed 2 vibration motors for this gamepad, so that you can experience the joy of the game better! Strong vibration feedback for a personalized gaming experience, Let the player feels like they are on the battlefield.

1.5M USB Cable

The USB cable is extended by 1.5M. You can sit and enjoy the game a little further from the console. Plug and play.

Support for Android cellphone

Only support Android 4.0 or above ,need use OTG adapter to connect. For cell phone use some games have to install the third-party software.(If you want to use for cell phone need confirm your cell phone have OTG function)the game you need download with the gamepad support game .

Support for PC WIN 7/8/X

For pc using have 2 model: generic usb joystick(pc mode) and pc 360 mode ,before you used have to confirm the game model, different game different model. If you didn’t choose the correct model, button function will be mess.

For pc mode

Like Stand-alone game ,when you use it have to setting button function.

For pc 360 model:

For games using, need install a game simulator .When enter the game interface .press the right “keyboard setting” after setting, you can enjoy games. Platform model light will turn on
If you want to select the mode can press the Mode or Analog button 6 seconds, then can choose .

Support for set-top box

First: Install the games lobby like putao game or happy chick. If game can’t be download.You can download to your cell phone or USB disk.
Second: Plug the usb wired controller to Smart Tv or set-top box USB interface ,controller will be indentified Platform mode light will turn on .

TURBO function setting and cancel

1.These button function can be seeting : 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9(SELECT),10(START),11(L3),12 (R3) ,press the button to set function +TUBRO button ,set up.
2.Cancel TUBRO function , hold down the TUBRO button ,then press the CLEAR button .Then the function of the TUBRO key is cancelled .