TP5-3532B Multlfunctional Cooling Stand and Charging Dock

Sale price25.000 JD

DOBE TP5-3532B Multifunctional Charging Base with Blue Light P5 Charging Station Dock Station for PS5 Slim Console

Universal Design for PS5 Series: The DOBE Charging Dock is expertly crafted to complement both the PS5 and PS5 Slim. This white, sleek accessory is not just a visual match but also offers a perfect fit for your console, ensuring stability and safety.
Enhanced Cooling System: Equipped with two high-efficiency cooling fans, the dock is essential for maintaining optimal console temperature. With three adjustable settings - High, Middle, Low - it caters to different cooling needs, ensuring your PS5/PS5 Slim runs smoothly during prolonged gaming sessions.
Dual Controller Charging with Indicator Lights: The dock can charge two Dualsense controllers simultaneously, a feature underscored by the visual cues of red (charging) and blue (full/standby) lights. The quick charging capability (about 3 hours) is ideal for avid gamers, ensuring minimal downtime.
Spacious and Organized Storage: This multifunctional dock is also a storage haven, capable of holding up to 11 game disc boxes and a remote controller. The inclusion of fixing screws further enhances the organization, keeping your gaming console well-arranged and accessible.
Protective and Convenient Design: The station's layout is designed to protect and organize your PS5/PS5 Slim and accessories. It prevents clutter and potential damage, making it a practical addition to your gaming setup. The combination of functionality, protection, and style makes this dock a valuable investment for PS5 enthusiasts.

Input voltage: DC 5V
Input current: 3A
Controller charging voltage: DC 5.1V
Controller charging current: 1000mA*2
Fan speed: 4500+10% rpm
Charging time: about 3 hours