Sparkfox PS5 Silicone Grip Pack FPS: EDITION

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The Silicone Grip Pack includes a premium Silicone Skin and a set of our unique Pro-Form Thumb Grips. Ribbed handles and textured studs enhance grip to improve controller feel, while the contoured thumb grips with high-sides, improve accuracy and give full 360° control in your favourite FPS game.

Sparkfox PS5 Silicone Grip Pack FPS: EDITION

  • Improved grip, control and accuracy
  • Protects the controller from dirt and scratches
  • Retains access to all buttons and triggers
  • Perfectly fit the PlayStation®5 controller
  • Pack includes 2 thumb grips (1x tall, 1x short)


The contoured circular shape with high edges ensures your thumbs stay where they are when playing


The top design adds the right amount of grip & The textured edges ensure maximum grip & accuracy


Raised sides and the sculpted pull Ridge on back of grip ensures full 36° control