SnapVox Desktop Suspension Microphone Stand

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Desktop Suspension Microphone Stand + Microphone Shock Mount Scissors Boom Arm Holder for HyperX Quadcast USB Mic Shockmount Bracket


  • 360-degree rotation
  • Adjustable legs for placement on uneven surfaces
  • Compact table microphone stand designed for carrying heavy loads
  • Also designed and suitable for all microphones
  • Great for use meeting room, table, church, and other public place, elegant outlook suits All kinds of event
  • Completely flexible, firmly attach the microphone anywhere
  • Folding type, convenient to carry
  • Provide easy installation, wide movement range, accurate direction detection and excellent carrying capacity
  • With shockmount shockproof shock proof mount holder, can Effectively reduce vibrato due to vibration to make your voice clearer

360-degree rotating adjustable steel microphone boom stand is designed for all of you crazy for singing and recording. It features 360-degree rotation, which is convenient and simple. It can withstand the weight of the microphone perfectly. The extendable length is up to 70 cm approx. Adopting high-quality steel material, the microphone stand is durable, lightweight and convenient to carry. Under the help of this extension stand, you are able to play the instrument without a microphone holder. For this reason, the convenient and portable cantilever stand will bring you much more convenience. It will meet your requirements perfectly. Don't miss it.