REMAX Wefon Series 20W Zinc | type C-Lightning

Sale price8.000 JD

Color: Blue

REMAX Wefon Series 20W Zinc-Alloy Elastic Data Cable with Light 

Material: TPE cable+ zinc alloy shell + connector

Technology: TPE cable+ zinc alloy shell + connector with light

Material of the core wires: TPE core wire TPE outer cover

Output Current:9V2.2A MAX

Product process: TPE injection + dispensing casing

Function: Charging + data transmission

Transmission Speed: 480Mbps

Structure: TPE outer mold forming with zinc alloy shell

PD20W super fast charging;

Smart chip for safe charging;

High-speed transmission while charging;

TPE soft cable, smooth feeling;

Zinc alloy material, delicate texture;

Thickened cable, faster charging and durable use;

Charging indicator, convenient use at night.