Original Flydigi B5 Mobile Gaming Cooling Fan

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Original Flydigi B5 Mobile Gaming Cooling Fan Cooler Intelligent Frequency Conversion Game Mute Frozen Back Clip Semiconductor refrigeration Cooling Phone radiator

Flydigi B5 Back Clip Wired Phone Cooler, Portable Radiator for 2.63-3.5Inch, Upgraded 10-15W Higher Power Intelligent Frequency Conversion Temperature Control, Larger Cooling Area, Quieter

FlyOC overclocking cooling technology

Flydigi B5 mobile phone cooling fan adopts FlyOC overclocking cooling technology exclusively developed by Flydigi. Breaking through the power limit of traditional mobile phone radiators, the maximum power reaches 15W, the heat dissipation effect is increased by 50%. (Using the overclocking function requires a power charger of more than 18W).

Intelligent frequency conversion design

There are two adjustment methods: intelligent frequency conversion and manual adjustment. When using the intelligent frequency conversion function, the wind speed and power can be automatically adjusted according to the temperature of the current use environment, which can effectively prevent the generation of condensed water and protect your phone.

Original Flydigi B5 Mobile Gaming Cooling Fan
Original Flydigi B5 Mobile Gaming Cooling Fan

Original Flydigi B5 Mobile Gaming Cooling Fan
Original Flydigi B5 Mobile Gaming Cooling Fan

Larger Cooling Area

Flydigi B5 adopts the best semiconductor cooling sheet, and is covered with a layer of high thermal conductivity silicone pad. The 30 x 30mm cooling fin design has a larger cooling area and up to 15W of power, combined with Flydigi unique Flyice suspension cooling system for excellent cooling peak performance.

Lightweight Portable & Fashion

B5 phone cooler has Streamlined fashion appearance like a spaceship. Wide top and narrow bottom, light and no conflict with holding. Only 75g, easy to carry and store in the going out. RGB Magical Light mode with colorful LED lights, the light and fan blades illuminate each other to provide you an E-sports atmosphere.

Wide Compatibility & Low Sound

B5 phone cooler with retractable back clip, can be installed in a mobile phone with a width of 2.63 - 3.5 inches (67 - 89mm). Compatible for most of mobile devices of iPhone and Android. The noise of the cooler as low as 29.5db, you can't feeling any noise during the period of using.