MEMO DL05 Cooler for Tablet Cooler Pad for Ipad

Sale price20.000 JD

Latest Design MEMO DL05 Cooler for Tablet Cooler Pad for Ipad
Buckle style clip which similar like a watch, you can add or deduct connect pad according to the size of your ipad. It could use for cooling almost all ipad or tablet. There is less semiconductor coolers for ipad or tablet in the market, but the ipad players are many all over the market, so it could solve the fever of the ipad while playing ipad games. Temperature screen show design, which can help the ipad player know the temperature of their ipad while playing tablet games. 


  • Totally new for tablet heat dissipation, this tablet cooler is upgraded from DL05 which designed for cooling tablet while playing tablet games
  • Upgraded semiconductor chip, DL05 for tablet built-in more reliable semiconductor chip, it could cool your mobile phone fast and more stable, the max cooling temperature could be below 10℃.
  • Led temperature showed function, this new DL05 have big led temperature showed screen, you will know the temperature of your smart phone while you playing mobile games.
  • Cool RGB led cooling fan which will make your feel great when you watch the cooling fan.
  • Use adjustable buckle style connection,can suitable most tablet in the market.
MEMO DL05 Cooler for Tablet Cooler Pad for Ipad
MEMO DL05 Cooler for Tablet Cooler Pad for Ipad

Exquisite conduction cooling process

  • Electroplate Process, Embed Anti-scratch patterns.
  • Aluminum pad with thermal conductivity of 237W/(m•k)
  • Instant Cooling and evenly Heat Dissipation,Absorb the Heat from the Mobile..Thermal conductivity of liquid water (about 0.59W/(m-k))

Raw Materials and Details of the Products Are Strictly Controlled.

  • High Quality Semiconductor Ice Cooling Technology,
  • Optimize and upgraded 9 Blade Fan.The Speed Is as High as 7k rpm, and the Normal Speed Is about 4-5k rpm.
  • High Speed RPM Offer Strong Wind to Cool the Aluminum, and take Out the Heat from0utlet Wind Port to Cool the Semiconductor.