MEMO CX02 Magnetic Semiconductor Cell Phone Cooler with Wireless Charger

Sale price18.000 JD

MEMO CX02 gaming semiconductor mobile phone cooler portable
1. Magnetic absorption wireless charging with cooling radiator
2. Semiconductor cooling mobile phone radiator to help the mobile phone heat dissipation, but also can charge the mobile phone, so that the mobile phone will not be too hot when playing games
3.Magesafe magnetic adsorption, more suitable for Apple new mobile phone, with a magnet, different mobile phones can also be used, not limited by size, the liberation of the card button trouble
4. Annular heat dissipation design, better heat dissipation effect.
5. Wireless charge support 15W, Apple support 7.5W. Dazzling light effect,
6. It needs to be plugged in, equipped with 1.5m data cable and Type-C