Logitech G920 Racing Gear for Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and PC

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Engineered for the perfect driving experience with dual-motor force feedback, stainless steel paddle shifters and hand stitched leather wheel. Adjustable floor pedals let you accelerate, brake and change gears with the feel of an actual car.

  • Rotation: 900 degrees lock-to-lock
  • Hall-effect steering sensor
  • Dual-Motor Force Feedback
  • Overheat safeguard
  • Nonlinear brake pedal
  • Patented carpet grip system
  • Textured heel grip
  • Self-calibrating
    • Height: 10.63 in (270 mm)
    • Width: 10.24 in (260 mm)
    • Depth: 10.94 in (278 mm)
    • Weight without cables: 4.96 lbs (2.25 kg)
  • Pedals
    • Height: 6.57 in (167 mm)
    • Width: 16.87 in (428.5 mm)
    • Depth: 12.24 in (311 mm)
    • Weight without cables: 6.83 lbs (3.1 kg)



  • Wheel spokes: Anodized aluminum
  • Wheel cover Hand-stitched leather
  • Steering shaft: Steel
  • Mounting clamps: Glass-filled nylon
  • Shifter paddles: Brushed stainless steel
  • Pedal frames and arms: Pedal frames and arms
  • Pedal faces: Brushed stainless steel
  • Pedal piston sleeves: Polyoxymethylene thermoplastic (POM)

Be sure to select the right wheel for your needs:
G29 is for PS5, PS4, PS3 and PC
G920 for Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and PC