LED Series Aurora-X Smart LED strip lights

Sale price10.000 JD

Size: 5M

LED Strip Light 5Mx2 with Remote Control, RGB, LED Strip Light Self-Adhesive with 16 Colour Changes, 4 Modes for Home, Bedroom, TV, Cabinet Decoration, Party, SMD 5050 LED Strips

Color Modes

16 colours and 4 modes and dimmer fairy lights: Sylvwin LED light strips to offer 16 colours and 4 modes. You can choose the model or colour via the remote control. The design is designed with high-quality SMD 5050 LED beads. The adjustable brightness function can meet any brightness you want. An ideal decoration for TV, wall and living room.


Small IR controller for LED strips: the LED strip tape IR remote control with a control distance of up to 3.5 metres, you can control the Azhien light strip from far away. All you need to do is connect the power supply and use it directly. The working voltage of the LED strip lights up 12V and the IR remote control has overcharging, short circuit protection and memory function. Strong 10M adhesive and cutting design: Thanks to 10M adhesive, the 12V LED strip can be easily glued to a dry, flat surface (please clean the surface before installation). You can also cut it according to the cutting mark.


10m or 5m LED strip and easy installation: All-in-one package, no additional tools required. A 10m or 5m LED light strip on the back comes with a strong double-sided adhesive and clasps that are easy to use. (Please note that the arrow position of the controller should be aligned with the strip light mark “+ 12V”).


LED strips can be attached to your home for a certain ambience (wall, ceiling, cabinet, TV backlight, bed, sofa, mirror, stairs, bar, workplace). And great decorative light for holidays, parties, show exhibitions and more. Please note: The LED strip can only be used for indoor use.

LED Series Aurora-X Smart LED strip lights
LED Series Aurora-X Smart LED strip lights