KTV Professional Dynamic Microphone

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KTV Professional Dynamic Microphone Wireless capability provides a stronger clearer signal and better sound quality


  • Product: Wireless Microphone Set
  • Microphone Type: Dynamic
  • Applicable Objects: Conference, Stage, KTV, Home, Lecture, Teaching, Singing, Performance, Lecture
  • Mute control: lock noise
  • Frequency deviation: ± 11kHz
  • Frequency response: 80Hz-15kHz
  • Frequency stability: ± 0.005%
  • Distortion: 0.5% (1kHz)
  • Number of channels: two channels
  • Sensitivity: -70dB M
  • Operating distance: 50 meters in open area
  • Receiver power: 3V
  • Transmitter power: AA battery
  • Transmit power: 20mW
  • Frequency range: 200MHz-270MHz
  • Output method: independent and mixed automatic selection

Package Includes:

    2 * Wireless Handhold Microphone
  • 1 * Mini Receiver
  • 1 * Adapters
  • 1 * Charging Cable
KTV Professional Dynamic Microphone
KTV Professional Dynamic Microphone

Wireless Microphone

Wireless capability provides a stronger clearer signal and better sound quality, reducing the possibility of interference and dropouts. The microphone is high sensitivity, wide frequency, ensures maximum gain before feedback. It provides low handling noise sensitivity, high gain before feedback and brilliant sound quality.

Free from Wire

Long-distance receiving capability, effective distance within 50 meters. Wireless microphones will allow you to do active performances like wedding, speeches or religious events on the stage with great mobility. It will enhance your freedom in the activities.

Microphone Head

The microphone head is constructed of premium metal mesh, which is compression-resistant and durable. Using thickened muffler cotton with a thickness of 5mm to help eliminate environmental noise and prevent howling suppression.

Plug and Play

Compatible with devices with MIC interface, the receiver is portable and easy to store. Can use multiple sets of machines at the same time, no serial frequency, no howling (Note: some devices require adapters to use.)

Widely Use

Receiver built-in Rechargeable battery, long-lasting battery life, and compatible with a variety of devices with frequency input interface, amplifier, mixer, drawbar speaker, DVD, karaoke machine, home theater, etc. (Note: If you use a computer and TV to connect, you must have an independent audio or power amplifier.)