ipega PG-9238 Wireless Controller With Colorful Lighting

Sale price25.000 JD

Ipega PG-9238 New Video Game Gamepads RGB Wireless Pro Controller Compatible Nintendo Switch/Switch Lite/Switch OLED/Android/IOS/Windows PC/Mobile

Super Cool RGB Light Bar

The light guide strip is included in the handle diagram, and the RGB lamp is installed at both ends of the light guide strip, and each RGB lamp has 10 colors. The combination of different colors of lights collide to produce new light colors, which makes the handle lighting effects colorful and changeable, very cool. And using the single lamp control button, three modes can be freely selected.

Deep support for Apple MFi games

In addition to the performance improvements that Apple brought on iOS 13, there are more gaming subscription services, MFI Games being one of them. As long as it's an MFi certified game, this gamepad supports it.

transparent shell

The console is made of transparent PC material, which is pure and clear, and the internal circuits are visible, giving people a sense of future technology.

Turbo function

There is a burst function, manual burst and automatic blast, the blast speed can be adjusted in three gears: 5 times/sec, 12 times/sec, 20 times/sec Adjustment method: “T” + “↑” to increase by one gear, “T” + "Include" reduces by one step. Press and hold the T button for 5 seconds, the four signal lights flash 3 times and the handle vibrates once, removing all button blast function settings. A/B/X/Y/L/ZL/R/ZR can be set to burst.

Built-in vibration motors

Ipega PG-9238 game controller has two vibration motors, which can enhance the immersion of the game and provide a real-time and realistic game experience. That is, when a player shoots, hits a target or hits the game, its asymmetric design can provide corresponding real-time feedback based on these different game scenarios.