GameSir-F9 Phone Cooler

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Hardcore handheld gamers abound with the spread of Internet and mobile devices as smartphones, tablets, Switch, Steam Deck, etc. Subsequently, heat couldn’t become a more common problem for mobile gamers, especially in some big titles

To help mobile gamers keep their best advantage, GameSir designed an all-round mobile weapon—F9 Magnetic Cooler—to expel heat in most mobile devices. Besides native magnetic design, it comes with an additional magnetic sheet and a clamp, so that you can use it on any of your mobile devices, be it Android phone, iPhone, tablet, Switch or Steam Deck. Meanwhile, 2 cooling modes with real-time temperature display allow you to control and show how cool you want. If you’re looking for a versatile cooler, F9 is your go-to everywhere you play.

MagSafe compatible, perfect & native fit for iPhone 12 & 13 series

Coming with native magnetic design, F9 is a perfect and native fit for MagSafe-compatible iOS devices as iPhone 12 & 13 series. Just put and use.

With a magnetic sheet, fit other mobile devices without magnetic area

For other mobile devices without magnetic area, there is an included magnetic sheet. Simply put the magnetic sheet on the mobile device’s back, then you can use F9 by magnetic fixation.

With a clamp, fit mobile phones with a width of 65-90 mm

Equipped with a retractable clamp, F9 can also be fixed on most mobile phones as long as they are 65-90 mm in width.

Fast cooling in 1 second

Based on Peltier cooling effect, F9 comes with about a 1600 mm²cooling area on the face and heat transfer fins helping fast absorb heat from the Peltier module while the 7-blade fan on the back spinning for superior airflow. With this powerful engineered system, F9 can fast cool in 1 second and even deliver up to a 25°C drop on the phone’s skin temperature. The fan also comes with noise-reduction design and runs at only 25 dB max even under the Hardcore cooling mode.

GameSir-F9 Phone Cooler
GameSir-F9 Phone Cooler
GameSir-F9 Phone Cooler
GameSir-F9 Phone Cooler

2 cooling modes with real-time temperature display

Available in 2 cooling modes with real-time temperature display—Normal Cooling Mode & Hardcore Cooling Mode, mobile gamers can control how cool they want by simple pressing the Cooling Mode Switch—Once for Normal Cooling Mode and Twice for Hardcore one.

360° rotatable, put power input port in any direction

With 360°rotatable power input port, mobile gamers can customize the included 1.5 m power cable position in their preferred way

Light on, gamer style on

Once F9 is plugged-in and enabled the cooling mode, gamer style is lit while the back cooling fan lit with 7-color cycle

Pocket-sized & lightweight for on-the-go gaming

F9 is 23.5 mm thick and 59.6 mm in diameter, weighing only 66 g. Pocket-sized and lightweight, it’s a perfect gadget for on-the-go gaming and marathon gaming

Second use as a phone holder under magnetic fixation

When F9 is used under magnetic fixation, it can also serve as a phone holder for leisure activities