Fantech Vigil MP356 Gaming Mouse Pad

Sale price5.000 JD

  • Fantech MP356 Gaming Mouse Pad:

  • Precision and Comfort in Gaming
    The Fantech MP356 Gaming Mouse Pad is a premium accessory crafted to elevate your gaming experience with precision and comfort.

    Durability with Edge Stitching:
    Edge stitching enhances toughness, preventing fraying for long-lasting performance.

    Sturdy Anti-Slip Base:
    The anti-slip base ensures a secure and tight hold on any surface, providing stability even during intense gaming sessions.

    Smooth and Responsive Tracking:
    The precisely developed surface offers a seamless and responsive tracking experience, enabling your mouse to glide accurately in fast-paced action.

    Spacious Dimensions:
    With dimensions of 350 x 300 x 4mm, the mouse pad provides a large and comfortable space for versatile gaming techniques.

    Sleek Thin Profile:
    The thin profile adds to the overall sleek design, maintaining a low presence on your desktop.

    Durable, Stable, and Precise:
    The Fantech MP356 Gaming Mouse Pad combines durability, stability, and precision, making it the ideal choice for gamers seeking a reliable surface to enhance their gaming performance.

    Price of Fantech MP356 Gaming Mouse Pad in Bangladesh
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