Fantech Tigris GD210 Gaming Desk RGB Illumination Premium and Sleek Large Surface with Cable Management

Sale price85.000 JD

  • RGB ILLUMINATION - Equipped with RGB Light, with up to 360 LED modes including Running RGB Mode to accompany your exciting game time
  • PREMIUM & SLEEK LARGE SURFACE - With a surface area of 100*60cm and an ergomic design provides massive space for your office or gaming devices
  • Premium Material - Constructed with high-quality durable material, our carbon fiber surface is resistant to scratches and water damage, yet efforlessly easy to maintain.
  • Cable Management - Features 3-step cable management system: 2 desk grommets and study steel bracket, for all your cable management needs.
  • Sturdy Structure & Steel Frame - Designed with a highly durable structure to ensure stable gaming or office work, even after years of use.
  • Cup Holder & Headset Holder