Fantech ATOM TKL MK886v2 104Keycaps Keycaps Mechanical Keyboard

Sale price20.000 JD

The Fantech ATOM TKL MK886 Double Injection 104 Keycaps Full Size Form Factor Macro RGB Mechanical Keyboard is an excellent choice for gamers and professionals alike.

  • Two Selection Switches: Atom linear switch (RED) / Atom Clickly Switch (BLUE)
  • Double Injection Keycaps: The keyboard comes with double injection blue and red switch keycaps in black and grey colors.
  • Full Size Form Factor: With 104 mechanical keys, this keyboard has a full-size form factor to cater to your typing needs.
  • Spectrum Mode Lighting: The 13 spectrum mode lighting system of this keyboard provides impressive visual appeal, making it a stylish addition to your desk setup.

This wired mechanical keyboard has a 25 key anti-ghosting feature, ensuring that all of your keystrokes are registered with precision. It is also hot-swappable, allowing you to customize the switches as per your preference.

  • Gaming Focused: The Fantech MK886v2 ATOM104 Mechanical Keyboard is designed with gaming in mind – it offers excellent functionality for gamers with its macro keys that can be used to customize gameplay experience.
  • Durable Supplier Warranty: This product comes with Supplier Warranty – so you can rest assured knowing that you are covered if something goes wrong within the first year of use.

If you need a reliable mechanical keyboard that delivers an exceptional gaming experience while being functional enough for office use, then the Fantech ATOM MK886 104 Double Injection Keycaps Full Size Form Factor Macro RGB Mechanical Keyboard is an ideal option worth considering!

Color: black
Keyboard switch type: red