Earldom SC04 EU-Socket 3000W 6USB Ports 3 Power Socket 3.1A 200CM

Sale price15.000 JD

Earldom SC04 Power Socket 

  • Handle A Situation With Ease
  • Zinc Oxide varistor (MOV)
  • Fast blocking high voltage
  • (instantaneously starts and absorbs lightning voltage),
  • and controls the remaining voltage value in the safe range.
  • Ceramic gas discharge tube (GDT)
  • Effective isolation of strong current can effectively absorb
  • excess current and connect the current to the ground wire,
  • so as to solve the hidden trouble of high current.
  • Hightemperature fuse protector
  • Completely cut off the ultra high temperature. The high
  • temperature fuse protector of lightning protector is
  • made of fusible metal with low melting point. Once the
  • induced temperature is too high, it will fuse itself quickly
  • and ensure the safety of household appliances.