Earldom ET-E21 iPhone Lightning Earphone Wired

Sale price8.000 JD

'- From the iPhone 7 series and above, Apple has removed the 3.5mm headphone converter jack, leaving only the built-in Lightning port that is both a headphone port and a charging port.
- Headphones using Lightning pins that plug directly into the audio connection port on the iPhone
- To use this headset, must be connected via bluetooth technology
- The earphone cord is made of flexible TPU, effectively anti-tangle and anti-break
The product has good sound quality with 2 clear and bright treble bands, deep bass ranges to help you listen to music and entertain conveniently.
- The physical keys to increase and decrease the volume, stop the song are integrated on the headset body for easy operation
- The length of the headset cord is up to 1.2m for you to use comfortably
- Very good conversation support, effective noise filtering