DOBE TP5-3557 Multifunctional Cooling Stand

Sale price25.000 JD

DOBE Multifunctional Cooling Stand Controller Charger Headphone Hook Colorful Atmosphere Light for PS5/Slim Console (TP5-3557)

Specially Designed for PS5: This innovative stand is tailored for the for PS5 and for PS5 Slim, serving as a universal, one-stop solution for your console. It's compatible with both the for PS5 UHD and Digital versions, ensuring a perfect fit and seamless integration with your gaming setup.
Efficient Cooling and Charging: Equipped with a high-precision microprocessor chip, the stand offers efficient and stable cooling for your for PS5 console, along with charging capabilities for your controllers. The Dualsense controllers can be charged in 3-4 hours, and the Dualsense Edge controllers in 2.5-3 hours. LED indicators conveniently show the charging status: orange for charging and blue when fully charged.
Adjustable Fan Speed with Memory Function: Customize your cooling experience with a three-speed wind speed adjustment feature (High at 2900RPM, Middle at 2600RPM, and Low at 2300RPM). The power-off memory function remembers your settings, ensuring a personalized and consistent cooling performance every time you use it.
Enhanced with RGB Ambient Lighting: Add a touch of style to your gaming environment with the RGB Ambient Light feature. It includes 6 single color options and 4 distinct light modes, offering a variety of aesthetic choices to match your mood or room decor.
Multifunctionality with Additional USB Ports: The stand not only cools and charges but also expands your console's connectivity. It includes 3 USB ports, with a USB2.0 port specifically designed for data transmission, enhancing the functionality of your for PS5 console.