DOBE TNS-1201 Switch 3 in 1 Suit OLED

Sale price35.000 JD

DOBE TNS-1201 Joypad For Nintendo Switch Oled Console In-Line Handle Suitable 6-Axis Gyro Plug And Play With Storage Bag


  • The set includes 1125 handle + game card storage box, which can be inserted to store 8 game cards + multi-function storage bag. Common to Switch OLED and Switch;
  • Input voltage :15V (PD protocol)
  • Input current :1.5A1. After inserting the Switch game host, the controller will be automatically connected.
  • Equipped with screen shot key, six-axis gyroscope gravity sensing, custom key-function programming (mapping), dual motor vibration, power charging input interface, handle system upgrade and other functions.
  • Adopt Type-C interface design, support Switch game host while charging while playing games, can be used Switch original power adapter or standard 15V PD protocol power adapter charging.
  • Handle left and right rocker three rocker cap can be replaced, more accurate operation.


DOBE TNS-1201 Switch 3 in 1 Suit OLED
DOBE TNS-1201 Switch 3 in 1 Suit OLED