DeepCool GAMMAXX 400 PRO Cooling System

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GAMMAXX 400 PRO IS UPGRADED FROM GAMMAXX 400’S CLASSIC DESIGN. With more densed cooling fins and 2 LED fans added, the GAMMAXX 400 PRO significantly enhances cooling performance without affecting case and RAM compatibility.


  • Additional Dissipation Fins
  • Blue LED Fans
  • High-performance Heat Pipes
  • Core Touch Base
  • Black Top Cover

Additional Dissipation Fins

As a 120mm cooler, GAMMAXX 400 PRO incorporates a total of 56 cooling fins. Compared to single fan models, its total surface area is increased by 20%, making full use of the airflow generated by its twin fan design.

Blue LED Fans

The GAMMAXX 400 PRO comes with 2 120mm PWM fans as standard, a mighty boost to both aesthetics and performance.

High-performance Heat Pipes

GAMMAXX 400 PRO comes with 4 high-performance sintered copper heat pipes, each specifically positioned to instantly dissipate CPU heat.

DeepCool GAMMAXX 400 PRO Cooling System
DeepCool GAMMAXX 400 PRO Cooling System

Core Touch Base

Its base adopts Core Touch Technology to dissipate heat more efficiently.

Black Top Cover

The iconic black top cover gives your computer set up a unique appeal.