Charging Dock TP5-0521 PS5

Sale price13.000 JD

Product name: Stardust Red Handle Dual Charger Base
Product features: TP5-0521B

1. Use intelligent micro-control circuit technology to manage charging instructions;
2. It can quickly charge 2 PS5 handles at the same time (90% of the power is charged by fast charging, and the last 10% of the power is charged by constant voltage trickle. It takes about 3 hours to fully charge it);
3. When charging, there are atmosphere lights around the top surface of the charger, and there are also atmosphere lights at the front and rear ends of the bottom, so that you can know the charging status at any time;
4. Beautiful appearance and convenient placement;
5. Low standby power consumption, power saving and environmental protection;
6. Input voltage: DC 5.1V; output current: 2.0A; appearance size: 191*85*60mm; handle charging time: about 3H;